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Gestalt Review, launched in 1997, provides a forum for theory
and practice exchanges throughout the world. The international editorial board concentrates on the Gestalt approach at all system levels ranging from the individual, couples, families and groups, to organizations and the community at large. The journal also publishes original papers dealing with politics, philosophy, gender, and culture. Gestalt Review is peer-reviewed and published three times a year.

Gestalt Review - Current Issue - Vol. 19- 2015
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Volume 19, Number 1

Guest Editorial. Surprise! A New Look at the Treatment of Schizophrenia from a Gestalt Therapy Perspective

  Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CPG

Author Biographies


"Schizophrenia" Part I: A Gestalt Analysis and Critique of Genetic Variables


Todd Burley, PhD, Kristy Kuehfuss, Phd, Kyrstle Barrera, PhD, Jennifer Grattan, PhD, John Sickler, LCSW, MSW, Henry Beck, PsyD, Stephanie Goldsmith, PhD


"Schizophrenia" Part II: A Gestalt Analysis and Critique of Neurobiological Variables



Todd Burley, PhD, Krystle Barrera, PhD, Kristy Kuehfuss, PhD, Jennifer Grattan, PhD, John Sickler, LCSW, MSW, Henry Beck, PsyD


"Schizophrenia" Part III: A Gestalt Analysis and Critique of Cultural and Family Variables

Randy Stinnett, PsyD, Todd Burley, PhD, Krystle Barrera, PhD, Leslie Ann Dobson, PsyD, Wesley Cook, PsyD


"Schizophrenia" Part IV: A Gestalt Conceptualization for Treating the Schizophrenic Patient

Todd Burley, PhD, Randy Stinnet, PsyD, Stephanie Goldsmith, PhD, Krystle Barrera, PhD, Leslie Dobson, PsyD


"Schizophrenia" Part V: A Gestalt Approach to Group Treatment of Incarcerated Schizophrenic Patients



Leslie Dobson, PsyD, Todd Burley, PhD, Wesley Cook, PsyD, Paul Haerich, PhD

In memoriam, Todd Douglas Burley (1945-2014)   Rita Resnick, PhD, and Robert Resnick, PhD

Volume 19, Number 2

Editorial. Ever-Emergent, Ever-Changing Reality: The Gestalt Context


  Susan L. Fischer, PhD

Developing Gestalt Case Conceptualization


  Bruce Kenofer, PhD
Goals and the Borderline Client: A Gestalt Therapy Approach   Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP

A Gestalt Model of Evolutionary Creative Process


  Cameron M. Plagens, PhD

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy:
A Training Video for Psychotherapists (Ruella Frank)


  Sarah Fallon, SRAsT(D), Dip GPTI

Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice: From Psychopathology to the Aesthetics of Contact (Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele, and Jan Roubal, Eds.)



Lynne Jacobs, PhD

Joel Latner, PhD

The Emergent Self: An Existential Gestalt Approach (Peter Philippson)


  Susan Roos, PhD, LCSW, FT

Metaphors, Uncertainty, Reality, and Gestalt

  Frank Rubenfeld, PhD

Volume 19, Number 3

Editorial. "Liaisons Dangereuses" in the Gestalt Field: Anger, Self-Assertion, Aggression, Hostility, Relational Cocreation, Play, Groupwork


  Susan L. Fischer, PhD

The Question of Anger: On Frank and Barbara Staemmler's Critique of Peris


  Ruth Skovgaard, MA, and Lise Winther-Jenson, MagArt
Aggression or Self-Assertion? Response to Skovgarrd and Winther-Jensen   Barbara Staemmler, MD, and Frank-M. Staemmler, PhD, Dipl-Psych

Considering Anger and Aggression: Response to Skovgaard and Winther-Jenson


  Gary Yontef, PhD

Intergroup Hostility and Gestalt Therapy


  Gaie Houston, MA

Beyond the Perls-Goodman Model: From the Organism-Environment Field to the Relational Field


  Mercurio Albino Macaluso, MS

"It actually reveals things to me about myself": How Play Becomes Real in the Oaklander Approach


  Peter Mortola, PhD



Groups, Teams, and Groupwork Revisited (Sean Gaffney)


  Jack Aylward, EdD

Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships: What Works and What Doesn't (Patricia L. Papernow)


  Sharona Halpern, MA, LMHC




"Some Notion of Therapy"


  Karen Liu, MA
"Figure / Ground"   Sean Gaffney, PhD


Editor: Susan L. Fischer, PhD
Founding Editor: Joseph Melnick, PhD

Associate Editors:

Editorial Advisory Board:

Nancy Amendt-Lyon, PhD, Austria
Jack Aylward, EdD, US
Peter Cole, LCSW, US
Sylvia Fleming Crocker, PhD, US
Billy Desmond, MSc, MBA, UK
Sarah Fallon, SRAsT(D), Dip GPTI, UK
Iris Fodor, PhD, US
Gianna Francesetti, MD, Italy
Ruella Frank, PhD, US
Sean Gaffney, PhD, Ireland/Sweden
Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD, Canada
Gaie Houston, MA, England
Francisco Huneeus, MD, Chile
Lynne Jacobs, PhD, US
Isabelle Le Peuch, PhD, France
Talia Levine Bar-Yoseph, MA, Israel
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, PhD, Italy
Jochen Lohmeier, PhD, South Africa
Mark McConville, PhD, US
Peter Mortola, PhD, US
Violet Oaklander, PhD,US
Eleanor O'Leary, PhD, Ireland
Brian O'Neill, BA, MAPS, Australia
Malcolm Parlett, PhD, England
Erving Polster, PhD, US
Robert Resnick, PhD, US
Jan Roubal, MD, Czech Republic
Frank Rubenfeld, PhD, US
Stuart N. Simon, LICSW, US
Herb Stevenson, MA, USA
Sarah Toman, PhD, US
Daan Van Baalen, MD, Norway
Carmen Vazquez Bandin, PhD, Spain
Gordon Wheeler, PhD, US
Ansel Woldt, EdD, US

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