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Healing Chronic Pain and Stress

in Ourselves & with our Clients:

A Mind-Body Coaching Approach (Live-Online)


Mind-body coaching is a new and exciting approach for addressing chronic pain and stress relief. This course integrates Gestalt principles; mind-body traditions, personal coaching, and leading edge neuroscience to understand, heal, and decrease chronic pain and stress.


The program includes six weeks of live-online group classes and two 60-minute individual phone coaching sessions tailored to the needs and specific interests of each participant, as well as written and recorded materials.


In a supportive environment, participants will:

  • Explore and experience how thoughts, emotions, body awareness and psycho-physical habits affect your nervous system, stress, and chronic pain
  • Learn specific skills to increase awareness, decrease pain, change neural pain pathways, and lessen anxiety and stress
  • Understand basic research and neuroscience that supports this approach, and explains TMS, and Mind Body Syndrome symptoms.
  • Discover new pathways to inner wisdom, awareness, and clarity in all areas of life
  • Receive guidance and resources for developing an individual plan to continue learning and healing, and/or to apply it in your practice.


The workshop is beneficial for those who have been experiencing chronic pain, anxiety or stress-affected issues. It is also designed for practitioners who would like to integrate this approach in their work with clients.


The program is particularly helpful for pain issues such as chronic back or neck pain and other musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, repetitive stress injuries, IBS, TMJ, and other mind body pain syndromes; decreasing stress, anxiety, insomnia, overwhelm, and feeling stuck; and stress-affected illness, where improved stress response can improve your health.


Participants will receive an orientation packet including all connection information upon registration. Classes will be recorded and provided to any participant who cannot attend all sessions live.


Dates and Fees:

Dates Six weekly sessions, beginning February 28, 2018

Wednesdays, 1:00-2:30 pm EST*

(EDT beginning March 11, 2018)
*Please note US & international Daylight Savings Time changes.

Format Weekly live-online class plus
two individual 1-hour coaching sessions with faculty


* $450 through Jan 17, 2018

  GISC members, $500 / *$400
CE Hours 11
Faculty Melanie Nevis, MA, LCAT
Sessions meet: February 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28, and April 4


“The virtual class was an excellent way to reach participants who cannot travel but want the learning.”

2013 Participant

“I participated in the Mind-Body Coaching program last
year and followed with a series of individual coaching conversations with Melanie. Although the reference to ‘dealing with chronic pain’ is what initially caught my eye, that was but a small part of her impact and my reward. Melanie’s deep, calming expertise combined with her caring use-of-self in a way that instilled better understanding and capacity for handling my own pain and inner turmoil. It also reminded my body and soul of how much better I am as a practitioner and person when I take the time to be still and listen.”


Ginny Storjohann, MCC Executive Coach and Consultant, Leadership and OD


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