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Leading Organizations in Adaptive Change

This program will explore the dual social and technical leadership roles that leaders of adaptive change must employ, and introduce key thinking and relationship skills needed to perform them. Participants will have opportunities to reflect on their current capabilities for both functions and to experiment with practices, perspectives and behaviors that will help them build those capabilities.

In order to survive and thrive in today's ever-changing business environment, organizations must employ strategies to be adaptive and ready for change.

The primary function of leaders is to focus and then engage the people and systems of the organization in these critical adaptations.

Providing focus on purpose and adaptive priorities requires sound problem solving and strategic thinking.

Ultimately, leaders can only communicate the urgency and need for adaptive change. Single-handedly, they cannot make all the systemic and process changes necessary to create the new performance capabilities required for survival and sustained success.

This workshop focuses on how to lead and engage those who work in those processes and systems to take responsibility for making adaptations and improvements, by developing problem solving capability to decide and execute those changes effectively.

*The fee for the program is $2,250 for the first person attending from each organization. Subsequent people attending from the same organization will receive a 25% discount to encourage multiple attendances so that colleagues deepen their mutual understanding and can work together on their own organizational needs.

Participants will build on their strengths and enhance their capabilities for:

  • Applying GISC-based leadership skills and perspectives in initiating and facilitating improvement of key business processes.

  • Leading large-scale change programs that require understanding, alignment, and support at all levels in the organization.

  • Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle as a tool for leading problem solving, process management and improvement, experimentation and learning in both social and technical realms.

  • Increasing the focus, commitment and effectiveness of departmental, cross-functional, and project teams.

  • Engaging and aligning employees at all levels on improving value creating processes focused on delivery to customers.

  • Recognizing multiple perspectives and appreciating resistance to respond more productively to social and political opposition to organizational and cultural change.

  • Using self-reflection, awareness, inquiry, dialogue, coaching, feedback, and presence to enhance leadership capabilities.

This program is designed for leaders, directors, managers, program managers and project leaders responsible for addressing strategic priorities by initiating adaptive change and leading business process improvement and cultural transition.


Dates and Fees:


GISC can bring this program into your organization as a custom offering;
please contact us about pricing.

CE hours 22
Fee $2,250


“Every one of my 100 CEO clients wants to know how to do things better. GISC program
s for leaders grow their power to answer these questions themselves and in a very deep and significant way – a way that will increase the bottom line of their business and their soul.”

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